XyliMelts for Dry Mouth

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Do you suffer from dry mouth?

If you said yes you are not alone, as roughly 20% of the population (69 million) reportedly suffer from dry mouth (also known as Xerostomia).

Many medications cause dry mouth, as does increasing age, mouth breathing while sleeping, use of CPAP machines for sleep apnea, Sjogren’s Syndrome, diabetes, stress and head and neck radiation therapy.  The feeling of dry mouth is bad enough, but it can also lead to periodontal disease, tooth caries, mouth infections, thrush, halitosis (bad breath), difficulty of denture wear and sleepless nights.

What can you do to combat dry mouth?

To remedy the symptoms of dry mouth you can:

  • Limit your caffeine intake
  • Avoid using mouthwash that contains alcohol
  • Drink water regularly
  • Breathe through your nose instead of mouth
  • Try a saliva stimulant such as XyliMelts

What are XyliMelts?

XyliMelts are fully-dissolving oral adhering discs with the active ingredients xylitol and cellulose gum which are slowly released in the mouth.  XyliMelts can provide hours of discreet relief as the ingredients coat, moisturize, lubricate, soothe and stimulate saliva flow.

The key ingredient, xylitol, is a naturally sweet carbohydrate found in raspberries, corn, oats, and other plants.  It cannot be digested by the harmful mouth bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and infections.  When xylitol lingers in the mouth, it stimulates saliva and may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Additional benefits of using XyliMelts

  • Adheres discreetly to gums or teeth, staying in place and making it safe to use during sleep (when dry mouth is worst)
  • No effect on talking or appearance
  • Can be used with CPAP machines and dentures

Clinical studies suggest that you can maximise the benefits of xylitol by slowly releasing a continuous concentration of xylitol in your mouth.  To achieve this with xylitol gum, you would need to work through 6-9 pieces of gum per day and you would still miss the sleeping hours!  XyliMelts help solve this problem by utilizing adhering disc technology that releases just the right concentration of xylitol over time.

You can now pick up a pack of XyliMelts during your next dental or hygiene appointment, simply ask any member of our team.