In the last 3 years, we have seen a huge rise in live and reality TV that focus heavy on the mouth and the smile.

I find myself on a regular basis staring at people’s mouths as they eat food on Masterchef, eat cake on the Bake Off, sing their hearts out on X Factor and the Voice or smile for the cameras on Strictly Come Dancing.

We knew of course that we were going to be in for some pretty detailed close-ups when we first got HDTV and film. Actors were a little hesitant about how they would be seen in close-up; reports of contracts not allowing the camera get too close, were circulating.

Now we have our TV screens filled with Greg Wallace from Masterchef, swallowing both food and spoon as he enjoys his dessert; or the same with Michel Roux Jr.

We focus on the mouths and teeth of the contestants on Bake off; we see the crooked teeth of James Arthur winning the X Factor; the smiley close-ups of Len Goodman on Strictly. The TV is full of those that have seen the detail that the HDTV picks up; Greg Wallace, Len Goodman, Michel Roux Jr and James Arthur have all had their teeth whitened or straightened and it highlights those that don’t, which these days is pretty much all of the rest.

For every Tulisa there’s a Ricky Gervais; for every Richard Hammond there’s a Jeremy Clarkson. HDTV and all High Definition cameras have only sought to highlight the detail that we now get in our TV and photographic world and a lot of us do not like what we see. Not only does the detail show up the flaws, they are further highlighted by standing on set with somebody else who has. At one point it looked like Greg Wallace and Michel Roux Jr bought a job lot of teeth whitening as they appeared with new gleaming smiles a couple of series ago.

Girls who are getting married now look into the options of getting a hen party together to go and get their teeth whitened; because they are all soon to be photographed more than they have for the previous years of their lives in one afternoon.

Whitening and straightening are on the up and with orthodontics today meaning that you can wear invisible braces AND get your teeth whitened at the same time; it seems too good to pass up.

So next time you look at a reality show, the things that will stand out are not necessarily those that have had their ‘teeth done’ it is those that haven’t; and we all sit there and wonder why.

At the end of the day, some of the old phrases still are best placed to explain this. The term ‘a winning smile‘ was coined for a reason.

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