Patient Testimonials


This is the best dental surgery in the world!

“Shaun is the most knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy dental surgeon. The hygienists are amazing.

I have remained loyal to the surgery due to Shaun and the team for over 18 years and am about to start treatment with Shari [orthodontist] who is brilliant.

The service at the practice is above expectations. It is the people there and their experience and how they look after that matters most to me rather than the physical environment – which is very pleasing too!”


Calm approach to ensure long term stability of teeth

“I would like to formally acknowledge all the work Andrew has performed on my teeth. His nature and approach is very calm, and that helps with the treatment being undertaken. I had visited two different practices before seeing Andrew, and from the first engagement pain was addressed and he was very clear regarding the plan to ensure long term stability with my teeth.

Recently my sister has had chronic pain, and I have referred her to Andrew, she is very pleased with the outcome and his professionalism.

One last thing I would like to raise is Andrew also follows up after he saw me, calling to ensure pain was better and no discomfort during each session.”


In fact, the implants are now so much a part of me!

“It was great seeing you again Ben and I just want to thank you, again, for all the joy that is my new teeth. I tend not to waffle on about it nearly as much as heretofore, but that doesn’t mean I am any less grateful, or any less enamored of the end result. In fact, the implants are now so much a part of me that I tend not to think about them. The only time I really think about them, these days, is when somebody tells me that I have a lovely smile, or I see that vastly improved smile in a photograph.“


Seeing the dentist is no longer nerve wracking

“Shaun is an exceptional dentist. I have always been nervous of anything medical and he is always very patient and caring, no matter how busy. His nurse is an angel and puts you at ease immediately. All the hygienists I have seen are excellent.“


The process could not have been simpler

“I had a dead canine tooth which had gradually turned a very unattractive dark yellow colour. Kirsty Fiddes recommended root canal as although the tooth was not causing any immediate problems a dead tooth can cause infection in the bone surrounding it. I had 2 sessions with Gavin Seal, the root canal expert. The process was pain free, the worst part being the sound of the equipment and some unpleasant smells! Then it was back to Kirsty to see if we could improve the colour.

The process could not have been simpler. Kirsty made a mould of my lower teeth, called a tray, which is like a gum shield but much more comfortable and barely noticeable. Once it was ready Kirsty gave me a syringe (no sharp points, just a hollow plastic hook on the end) filled with whitening agent. Gavin had left a tiny hole in the back of the tooth so that I could insert the whitening agent directly into the tooth canal, as well as squeezing it into the plastic tray on the outside of the tooth. I wore the tray overnight for 4 nights, and for an hour on 2 of the days, and the result was unbelievable – a huge change in the colour of the tooth and it was so easy to do. I had been worried that the syringe would be fiddly and that the tray would be uncomfortable but it was all a complete doddle.

I have now done the rest of my teeth (using the whitening gel in the trays) and I am absolutely delighted with the results. It was incredibly easy to do and extremely effective. Thank you Kirsty – I love my teeth!”


Painless pain relief!

“Thank you so much for dealing with my tooth Shaun. I’m still in shock about how incredibly well and quick it went and I didn’t really feel a thing. So glad you took it out and today I am starting to feel immense relief.

Forget the God father, you are the God Dentist!”


Working together for great oral health!

“Great service from the dentist, James Granger. He was very clear in descriptions of what was going on, and was genuinely interested achieving the best outcomes together.“


My teeth are gleaming, thank you.

My teeth are gleaming, thank you. The best scale and polish I have ever had!

Jenny Moates

With a Million x!

“With a Million x Thank You’s, Ben, for everything, and wishing you all the continuing success and happiness.”


Many thanks Ben!

“Many thanks Ben, I do hope that your work gives you as much satisfaction and pleasure as it gives your patients.”

Richard Daley

I no longer worry about going to the dentist!

“I would like to express how pleased I am with the dental hygiene service which I have received from Gemma Morgan over the past couple of years. I had not been to the dentist for several years due to nervousness and as a result problems had started to occur, e.g. gum disease and infections. Gemma was able to provide a high level professional dental hygiene service which she combined with personal reassurance so I felt comfortable at the surgery and during the appointment. She always made sure that I was as calm as I could be before beginning the treatment, explaining clearly what work would be happening and reassuring me that I could ask her to stop and take a break at any point. As a result I gradually felt more relaxed and comfortable during the sessions which helped make sure that I attended regular appointments. Gemma has improved my overall oral hygiene greatly during the last years and as a result my gums are healthy again and thanks to her friendly approach I no longer worry about going to the dentist!”


Steady hands and high spirits

“Many thanks to Ben and the dental nurses for looking after me over the past 9-10 months. I’m still getting used to my new smile and everyone is very complimentary. I would like to personally and sincerely thank Ben again for all his hard work, steady hand (!) and for keeping my spirits up throughout. Couldn’t have done it without him.

Thank you Ben! You’re a genius!”


Its been an interesting process over the past couple of years

“Just a short note to thank you for introducing me to the Invisalign course. The photos you have taken before and after the course show the remarkable transformation to my top row! They are so much easier to keep clean and they feel good and people notice! You have done a tremendous job and I would recommend the Invisalign course to any one who needs corrective procedure to their teeth. I am happy for you and the dental surgery practice to use my photos for marketing Invisalign.”

Its been an interesting process over the past couple of years and well worth it, thanks to you Penny!


I am so happy with the result!

“I would like to say THANK YOU!! I am so happy with the result, better than I could have imagined. It is not just about my new smile, also your excellent customer service. From day one I felt really comfortable with all of you, receptionists, hygienists, and obviously you two. I will collect my retainers tomorrow and will see you again in two, three months”.


Thanks again Ben for your care you’re a legend

“I fell off a ladder in the middle of the night (don’t ask!) and as you can see my teeth really suffered. Ben took care of me and I can honestly say I look and feel better now than I ever did before the accident. Thanks again Ben for your care you’re a legend.”

Alun Davies

No more nerves

“As one of the many people who is always nervous about any kind of dental procedure, I was surprised and impressed by just how comfortable I was made during my time at The Dental Surgery. The staff were all incredibly polite, professional and friendly, and on top of that I left feeling very happy with the results of my procedure. I would certainly go back next time I need something done!”


I have every confidence in them and the rest of the team at the Dental Surgery!

“Penny has done an outstanding job for me. Having not been to a dentist for many years I was anxious when I first stepped into The Dental Surgery because I knew my teeth and gums were in a poor state. From the very first reassuring smile of the receptionist I knew I was in the right place. Penny is highly professional, using the latest available technology and equipment. They always explain clearly what they are doing and truly care about my experience and the care I receive. I have every confidence in them and the rest of the team at The Dental Surgery.Not only do I now smile with confidence I look forward to my visits and recommend The Dental Surgery to all my family and friends. There is no higher compliment than that.”


It is always a pleasure!

“My fabulous hygienist Jessie always makes me feel calm, comfortable and informed throughout my dental cleaning! She is both thorough yet gentle and I cannot recommend her highly enough! As someone who suffers with sensitive teeth and is dental phobic I’m so relieved to now be treated by Jessie. The dental surgery is state of the art with the best equipment, sleek design and professional staff – It’s always a pleasure to attend my appointments. Thank you!”


I’m so happy with my new teeth

“I just had 2 crowns fitted by Kate Yeaton. The dental surgery is such a great practice. Staff are very professional, helpful and friendly. Kate is a fabulous dentist and always made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Her nurse is lovely and very caring. I’m so happy with my new teeth. Thanks a lot Dental Surgey!!”


I would like to thank all the team for their courtesy and helpfulness!

“I particularly wish to thank Dr Nocton for the sensitivity and the thorough examination of his consultation of my case,and await the review without anxiety.

I was very nervous and apprehensive and even embarrassed , prior to my appointment,but I felt much more relaxed and have renewed faith that my case is not totally unresolvable, although I realise not without difficulties, and will be happy to take Dr Simon’s advise when he has completed his investigation”.

Stella Rutson

Wow!!! I can’t believe how easy, pain free and quick it was!!!

“I never write reviews so that in itself highlights exactly why I would recommend The Dental Surgery. Needing two dental implants I visited 3 different dentists all of who gave me a different diagnosis. There are so many places offering implants. I came away feeling confused. I delayed doing anything about it as have friends who paid a lot of money for implants and only have horror stories to tell & the thought of the procedure put me off. Then I was recommended to Simon Nocton by my cousin. Simon is excellent – he spent time to clearly talked me through the process, took 3D images so he could see what type of implants would be suitable for me. (Only 1 of the other dentists took a scan & none of them mentioned different implants)!

Simon’s confidence and knowledge put me at ease. I made the decision right there and then to go ahead and book the treatment. Implant day I was nervous at the thought of the procedure. Helena, Simons assistant is fantastic she put me at ease and is the most knowledgeable dental nurse I have met. Wow!!! I can’t believe how easy, pain free and quick it was!!! Even the injections didn’t hurt. I am sure this is a result of Simon’s experience as I am entirely sure I would not have received this standard of care elsewhere. I had a hygienist appointment as well which was excellent, thorough & showed me exactly how to clean properly. My teeth felt & looked sparkly clean. The entire process from booking the appointments, to post follow up care has been one of the best customer service experiences I have had. If you have been considering implants – I would recommend that you see Simon. You will be provided with a genuine diagnosis & there is no pressure to make a decision but you would be crazy not too! Thanks to Simon, Helena, Dani & the rest of the team!”

(Dental Implant Treatment)