Daily Mail features The Dental Surgery

By February 14, 2013 July 27th, 2018 As seen in..., The Dental Surgery Blog

The Daily Mail has recently interviewed one of our dentists, Simon Nocton, at our award winning practice at the Corn Exchange in the city of London EC3.

Simon Nocton is one of the United Kingdom’s leading Implantologists with over 20 years of experience in placing implants.  “Oh how implant dentistry has changed – it has advanced from being peripheral to main stream dentistry to becoming an essential tool for the replacement of missing teeth”

As Simon discusses, implant and cosmetic dentistry was once seen as only the preserve of the rich and famous. As with all advances in medical science this aspect of dentistry is at an interesting time in its development. “One of the unexpected change in this area of dentistry is how Implantology is diverging and becoming somewhat polarized – those people and dentists who pursue the most faithful reproduction of nature with the replacement of individual teeth, and those that simply want to be rid of the difficulties of teeth – and opt for the wholesale removal of multiple teeth; appealing as this may sound I am sure this approach is full of problems stored up for the future.”

While Simon, few of his patients know the 48 year old as Dr Nocton, gives a guided tour of their state of the art clinic, it is clear that he knows not only his dentistry, but also with his team, understands the Psychology that goes with such an intimate science. “Looking after our patient is such a great privilege, all of our team get to know the patients well, understanding both their needs and even the strange yet important social stigma of losing teeth.”

The clinic is one of the most modern in the UK and whilst busy, somehow retains an air of calmness.  As treatment co-ordinator Danielle Venning, who has the responsibility of greeting and later discussing and unraveling some of the journey that makes up tooth replacement explains “the whole patient experience that makes Simon’s treatment different to many, his empathy as much as his expertise was the reason why my own Mother opted to travel from Edinburgh to London for her treatment.”  However Danielle has also has a air of calm that reflects the clinics understated elegance.

Beneath the crisp and calm veneer of this dental practice lies a high tech approach. “As we teach and mentor dentist from our practice operating at the cutting edge of technology with all the latest techniques and 3 dimensional imaging is not only helpful for us as surgeons but it provides enormous benefits to our patients in terms of predictability of treatment whilst ensuring the most appropriate of options are offered.

As Simon leaves to treat his next patient, I hear laughter from within his surgery, a rare but welcome sign that there is something different about The Dental Surgery.