Shining the Light on Teeth Whitening

By January 23, 2015 Uncategorized

With the abundance of teeth whitening products and quick fix offers in the market, it can be difficult to know just what is effective, safe and economical.

Under regulations set out by the General Dental Council, all tooth whitening procedures, including bleach and laser treatment, are limited to Dental professionals. The use of tooth whitening or bleaching products containing more than 0.1 % and up to 6% of hydrogen peroxide require an appropriate clinical examination to ensure there are no risk factors. Their first use is limited to dental practitioners and further use should be closely monitored. (See the General Dental Council for more details).


This means that non-qualified practitioners offering these lasers and bleaching procedures risk facing prosecution because they are breaking the law.


At The Dental Surgery, we strongly advise you to seek a professional option rather than choosing a ‘quick fix’ option at a beauty parlour or ‘back street’ tooth-whitening parlour as a poorly administrated treatment can lead to serious damage.


‘The fact is that some have teeth types that will work well with some treatments and for others treatments will not work so well, or will irritate gums’ explains Dr Simon Nocton


So rather than jump at a deal offered by a non-professional, or waste time trying to find answers online, get the opinions of the country’s best professionals face-to-face at the Dental Surgery.


We’re not saying we won’t agree; we just judge every patient on his or her teeth type.