Regular dental visits, nuisance or necessity?

, Regular dental visits, nuisance or necessity?, The Dental Surgery

Tooth pain? No.

Sensitive teeth? No.

Bleeding gums? No.

Need a dental visit? Yes.

You’re sailing along with no teeth or gum problems, which is fantastic. And we certainly don’t want to dampen your spirits, but we’d like to remind you that you still need regular check-ups, just to make sure that everything in your mouth stays as trouble-free as it is right now.

Your body generally tells you when something is not right, but that’s not always the case with your oral health. Problems start small and can remain symptom-free for a long time. Often, by the time you notice something is wrong, a preventable problem has developed into one that requires treatment. Our job is to look for those early warning signs of trouble and nip them in the bud, but we can only do that if you come in for your regular check-ups with the dentist and hygienist.

Why you should come in

  • Dental problems can be painful – why subject yourself to needless discomfort that can be avoided?
  • Dental treatment can be costly – by treating problems early on you could avoid more extensive treatment in the future and save for a holiday.
  • Gum disease affects 3 out of every 4 adults over the age of 35 in the UK. If diagnosed in its early stages it is often reversible.
  • Oral cancer is on the rise and is far more treatable if caught early (early detection results in a survival outcome of 90%, but delayed diagnosis means survival rates plummet to as little as 50%).

What to expect from your consultation

We check your teeth and gums thoroughly for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease that can hopefully be reversed before causing any damage. Using the VELscope system we screen you for mouth cancer (read more on the VELscope system here).

We take the time to get to know you and discuss any lifestyle changes we believe might be of benefit to your dental and general health. This might include oral hygiene tips, dietary advice or helping you to stop smoking. We can also discuss how to minimise the risk of accidental damage if you have a dangerous job or engage in contact sports, for example.

Future regular visits are tailored to suit your individual level of oral health. You won’t be advised to come in more often than we really feel you need to. When doing this, we take your past dental and general health history into account. If we find anything that requires further treatment, we can take care of that in-house, as we offer advanced dental treatments such as orthodontics, periodontics and endodontics.

Our team of oral hygienists give your teeth and gums a professional clean and polish using the latest Airflow equipment, to painlessly remove built-up plaque, tartar and surface stains, sending you on your way with a brighter smile!

So if your teeth are feeling great, then now is the perfect time to book your next dental or hygiene visit, to make sure you keep them that way!