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Say ‘Cheese!’ – It’s National Smile Month!

The British Oral Health Foundation celebrates the 41st annual National Smile Month from 15th May to 15th June this year, and we’re joining in!

The campaign seeks to promote good oral health, in particular three essential messages:

  • Brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Reduce your consumption of sugary food and drinks
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as recommended

There’s no denying these are critical and we hope, as good dentists, that we’ve also relayed their importance to you! But it also got us thinking about smiles in general, why they happen and what they do. Interested? Read on.

What is a smile anyway?

A smile is essentially the act of flexing facial muscles at the side of the mouth, often accompanied by the scrunching of the eyes. This expression is millions of years old and is even seen in apes, who smile to let each other know they mean no harm. In fact, as we’ll see, smiling provokes physiological changes that make us, and those around us, feel happier.

‘Smile therapy’ actually works!

It may sound odd, but it’s been scientifically proven that holding your face in a smiling position actually changes the way you feel – for the better. How does this work? Several ways:

  • The act of smiling releases endorphins, natural pain relievers, and serotonin, a natural mood-boosting chemical.
  • Smiling helps you relax, which in turn boosts your immune system.
  • Your blood pressure goes down when you smile.
  • Putting on a smile sends a signal to your brain that makes you feel less stressed.
  • Smiling is contagious – it makes those around you feel happier too and respond more positively towards you.
  • A smile will light up your face and make you more attractive.

So, what if you don’t like your smile?

Unfortunately, despite knowing about all the benefits of smiling, many of us actively try to avoid it because we aren’t very happy with the way our smile looks. This is usually due to stained, crooked or missing teeth. Luckily modern dentistry offers several options for easily addressing these issues, including teeth whitening, fast and invisible orthodontics, teeth restoration and even implants.

If there’s an aspect of your smile you’re not thrilled with, book a consultation and we’ll work with your schedule and budget to find the right solution for you. After all, when you smile, so do we!

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