Before and after: Tulisa’s new £12,000 X Factor smile

Looks like Tulisa‘s X Factor style overhaul is complete, as she showed off a gleaming new smile on the red carpet yesterday.

The new judge couldn’t contain a grin at the official launch event for the new series, and now we know why. She’s had a mouth makeover…

, Before and after: Tulisa’s new £12,000 X Factor smile, The Dental SurgeryThen and now: Tulisa at the Liverpool auditions last month (left) and at the launch event in London yesterday (right). Photos:PA

Gone are her old ever-so-slightly wonky teeth, in favour of a new row of perfect pearly whites – which reportedly cost her a cool £12,000.

Tulisa’s father Plato Contostavlos, confirmed the cosmetic dentistry to The Sun.

“She’s had her teeth done for 12k, why not if it makes her feel better?” he said. 

“She’s beautiful in my eyes because she’s my daughter, but it’s every girls’ dream to want to improve and and to want to look even more beautiful.”

“It’s the industry she’s in, she needs to look her best,” he added. 

Tulisa’s new smile will no doubt come under comparison to the shiny new set of teeth thatCheryl Cole treated herself to, not long before her debut on the X Factor panel.