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Here at The Dental Surgery we believe in tailoring treatment to suit your individual situation and needs, we consider your dental health along with your desired results to plan the best treatment for you.

As medical professionals, we place emphasis on prevention and early intervention.  One of the diseases we are determined to prevent is tooth decay (cavities).  If we spot tooth decay (a cavity), we aim to prevent progression by removing the decayed part of the tooth and replacing it with a restorative dental material.  The choice of material is based largely on the size of the cavity, smaller cavities can be filled with a direct filling material placed in a single visit while larger cavities may require a coverage restoration (such as a crown) which protects the tooth from further fracture.

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Dental Fillings

Fillings are mostly used to restore the natural shape and function of teeth that display minor erosion due to decay (cavities).  If left untreated, cavities can lead to infections or an abscess of the tooth, and even multiple tooth loss.

Composite Fillings

White filling material (made of powdered glass or other ceramic particles added to a resin base) is the material of choice for restoration of small cavities.  Major advances in the properties of this material have allowed us to completely change the way we treat decay.  With less drilling we can keep more of your healthy tooth and provide an absolute colour match to your original tooth. Dental composites use extremely complex chemistry and rely upon expert technique and high quality materials to provide optimal results.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam is a silver-coloured material most often used in the rare occasion when we are unable to achieve the correct internal environment to allow a composite material to be placed. The advantage of dental amalgam is that it does not require the tooth to be dry for its placement and can therefore provide successful restoration in situations which might otherwise lead to the extraction of a tooth.

Gold Fillings

Gold is an extremely high quality, durable material for dental restoration.  If longevity in a situation of heavy function is the priority, then gold is the material of choice. However, due to the aesthetics of gold, this material has largely been superseded by other advanced materials.

Ceramic Fillings

The world of ceramics is advancing rapidly and we have arrived at phenomenal materials for fillings such as Emax and Zirconia which combine exquisite aesthetics without compromising strength and functionality.  Modern processes of digital design and laser guided milling have revolutionised the use of ceramic as a filling material, allowing perfect restoration and aesthetic replacement for missing tooth tissue which is indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth.
Dental crown

Dental Crowns

When a tooth has become functionally compromised and is likely to breakdown or fracture despite our best efforts with a filling material, then a crown may be the best option for the tooth.  The advantage of a crown is that the entire tooth is protected and stabilised.  Modern materials and our talented technicians allow us to create or recreate the desired aesthetics to a phenomenal degree of accuracy not only in terms of shape but also colour.

Dental bridge

Dental Bridges

When a tooth is missing and the adjacent teeth need to be crowned (see crown section) then it may be that a bridge which is supported by the adjacent teeth is the best way to replace the missing tooth.

If one or more teeth are missing, or if the structure of the tooth is severely compromised, you may be a suitable candidate for dental implants as they offer more stability and a better prognosis than conventional treatments in such situations.


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