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An emergency orthodontist appointment in London with The Dental Surgery can resolve your orthodontic problems such as broken or lost retainers, broken wires and other issues relating to your teeth straightening treatment whether traditional braces or Invisalign.

When you contact us, we will also offer advice as to whether you really need an emergency appointment and also how to manage pain and apply a short-term fix until any appointment.

Please contact us if any of the following apply to you or someone in your care.


A broken or lost retainer – whether removable or fixed

Removable Retainer

, Emergency Orthodontist London, The Dental SurgeryIf a removable retainer has been lost or broken, our orthodontists can make another from impressions or a scan of your teeth. We can make a bespoke retainer in only a few days.

Get in touch with an orthodontist as soon as possible so that the new retainer can be created and reduce the risk of teeth moving out of alignment.


Fixed Retainer

Fixed retainer breakages can happen, they are designed to be thin so as to be visually unobtrusive, but this means that they can become damaged. This is partly why your orthodontist will have asked you to avoid certain food such as hard and / or sticky foods.

Please do not panic if you have broken or lost a retainer, the absence will not do immediate damage. Keep wearing your removable retainer until you can have the fixed retainer seen to.


Broken Braces

Damages to braces can happen in several ways, with some issues more likely to require immediate attention than others.

The advice below covers common issues with braces, however if the breakage has been caused by a wider dental problem, for instance if an accident has caused damage to the teeth or jaw as well as the brace then a hospital appointment may be required.

Any part of braces can fall victim to damage or breakages – the brackets (the metal or ceramic plates that attach to the teeth), the band (the metal rings around the back teeth and, in some cases, the front), the spacers rubber rings between teeth) and the wire itself that connects the other parts.

The break to a part of your braces may also cause pain or inflammation – below we offer some tips for how to lessen the pain and avoid further damage before seeing our orthodontists. Regardless of which part of the braces have broken and whether or not there is pain associated with this, it is best to contact us for advice and peace of mind.



If a bracket or brackets have come loose they may cause pain by rubbing against the tongue, gums or side of mouth. An appointment will be required to rectify the problem, but in the meantime, if you have the wax provided by your orthodontist, place some of this over the broken bracket. This should serve to reduce the irritation.



, Emergency Orthodontist London, The Dental SurgeryBroken or protruding wire poses a similar problem – broken wire can rub against the mouth and be extremely painful.  Wax may also be beneficial in this situation and you can of course use common, over the counter pain relief. If you don’t have any orthodontic wax you could use blue tac in a pinch as a temporary solution.

You may be able to subtly reposition the wire into a more comfortable position – this will not fix the problem but it will at least reduce pain. Only apply minimal force with a soft object to move the broken wire away from where it is causing irritation. The aim is not to get the wire back into the perfect position, just to reduce pain.

If the wire has cut your skin or is causing soreness in the mouth, rinse with warm, salt water or an antiseptic mouthwash.


Bands & Spacers

Loose bands or loose spacers are unlikely to cause immediate discomfort in the same way as a broken bracket or wire can – however, they are still problems that need addressing to ensure the braces continue to align your teeth as desired.

Spacers coming loose may well be a sign that they were ready for a change in any case – contact your orthodontist for advice. A loose band will need to be replaced or re-cemented, this is a task that takes experience to carry out adeptly so please don’t attempt to replace the loose band yourself!


Are emergency orthodontist appointments expensive?

The cost of an emergency orthodontic appointment will of course vary. What we can promise at The Dental Surgery is that we do not inflate the price for ‘emergency’ appointments.

We appreciate that an emergency dental or orthodontist appointment is likely to be accompanied by stress and have no intention of making things worse. With the investment in your new smile you don’t want anything halting or reversing the results you have achieved so far!

If you’re unsure on whether to book an appointment or have any questions surrounding your teeth straightening treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why consider The Dental Surgery?

We’ll let our patients speak for us there, our most recent feedback from a patient:

“I had a fixed retainer done last week and they explained the procedure very well, were professional and made me feel comfortable as a patient. My retainer is so much more comfortable than I expected. Then they made me a new set of removable retainers which fit great and I no longer need to worry about my teeth moving! Had a fantastic experience and would recommend them to everyone!”

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