‘Dental work left me looking like I’d gone 10 rounds with Tyson’

By January 20, 2014 The Dental Surgery Blog

A woman who was left in agony after dental treatment to improve her smile has won a settlement of £8,750.

Helena Reed, 40, suffered a chronic gum and tooth infection, a swollen face and her weight fell from 7 stone 2lb to 6 stone because she was unable to eat properly for weeks. “It looked like I’d done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson or that someone had kicked me in the face,” said the mother of one, who had to have root canal work to treat her infected tooth.

“It was horrendous. They said the treatment would be pain-free treatment but giving birth to my daughter was easier. I feel I’ve been let down badly and now have more treatment ahead because of the mistakes made. It was like no one cared when I complained.”

She brought her claim against dentist Dr Jas Singh, who has treated The Only Way Is Essex celebrities Amy Childs and Joey Essex, and Dr Kiran Hanji, who both worked for the Hospital Group, after paying £5,500 for treatment.

Mrs Reed first visited one of the company’s clinics near Harley Street in March 2009 to fix a twisted tooth.

She claims Dr Hanji suggested a bridge, veneers and a porcelain crown. However, the bridge broke after six months and after being repaired at the practice it fell out of her mouth.

Dr Singh extended the bridge, but in February 2012 Mrs Reed’s face swelled up and she saw a new dentist who carried out root canal work. Lawyers from the Dental Law Partnership said Dr Singh and Dr Hanji failed in their duty by providing Mrs Reed with poor quality treatment. She received the out-of-court payment although both dentists deny any liability.

Dr Hanji, who now runs his own practice, said he “felt sorry” for Mrs Reed and blamed a lack of continuity of care. A Hospital Group spokeswoman said it did not comment on cases.