Dental Equipment & Technology

By October 21, 2014 The Dental Surgery Blog


A recent article on BBC news has revealed that “more than 12,000 pieces of illegal dental equipment have been seized in the UK in the past six months”- putting many patients at risk from the equipment failing whilst in use & causing them serious damage.

The equipment seized in this article- ranging from drills, instruments & even X-ray machines- where often imitations of trusted brands within the industry- most were purchased online at a much cheaper price.

At The Dental Surgery, we try to deal with as many disposable items as possible for each patient, in accordance with cross infection policy. This prevents the risk of spreading any disease or infections between patients & clinicians. Any equipment which cannot be disposed of is disinfected & sterilised in our central decontamination room. It is also checked during this process for any damage or faults to ensure it is safe & suitable for reuse.

We are constantly investing in & updating our equipment so that our patients can benefit from the latest technology. We only buy instruments & equipment from trusted dental sales companies. Two of our most recent purchases include the Velscope system to assist our detection in any oral abnormalities such as cancer, & a 3D scanner which is replacing the need for some dental impressions- making lab work more accurate & improving patient comfort.

Investing in dental equipment & technology is extremely expensive & as this shocking article shows often things at a fraction of the price are too good to be true. The Dental Surgery pride ourselves in providing top quality dentistry in a safe & pleasant environment, & that means not cutting any corners!