Cross Infection Control

By November 13, 2014 The Dental Surgery Blog

The shocking recent article involving the recall of 22,000 patients after finding an NHS Dentist had not being carrying out appropriate Cross Infection Control was a worrying read. All patients should feel confident when attending a Dental Practice that they are entering a safe & clean environment- so we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain a little on how we operate.

Here at The Dental Surgery we take the prevention of cross contamination very seriously, we have a rigid set of cross infection procedures and guidelines in place to ensure patients and staff are protected at all times and comply with the Quality Care Commission standards set for Dental Care Professionals. Our staff are fully trained on all aspects of cross infection and we have regular updates.

We have a central sterilising room that is run by a designated team. Wherever possible disposable items are used but if items do require sterilisation there is strict policy in place to ensure the complete decontamination and sterilisation of these instruments prior to being reused.

All of our clinical staff wear protective clinical attire including their uniforms which are not worn outside of the surgery environment. When carrying out examinations and treatment they wear gloves, visors, glasses and face mask and glasses and disposable bibs are provided for each patient.

Gloves and masks are all single use and we also have a hand hygiene policy to ensure hands and washed and clean prior to any treatment

We are proud and confident that all necessary action is taken to ensure our surgery is safe for all who visit and our protocols are available for patients to see, should they request to do so.