5 Last-Minute Things You Can Do to Lift Your Look

5 Last-Minute Things You Can Do to Lift Your Look

It’s the final countdown to Christmas and you’re not quite happy with your smile – what can you do?

Relax! We’ve got 5 fantastic (and fast) ways to help:

1. Deep Clean

– a visit with one of our eight hygienists is more than just a dental treatment – it’s a social treatment. Why? Because removing the build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth will brighten your smile and also help rid your mouth of the bacteria that causes bad breath (halitosis). If you’re dreaming of fireside cuddles or getting caught under the mistletoe, make sure your breath doesn’t stop them from coming true!

2. AirFlow Air Polishing

– a fine and surprisingly gentle stream of air, water and powder will blast plaque, tartar and stains off your teeth, taking your typical hygienist visit to a whole new level with us. Not only does air polishing clean your teeth better than a regular scale and polish, but it leaves them whiter and less sensitive, as the powder used fills in tiny gaps in your dentine. It’s a great way to prepare for teeth whitening as well, as it removes surface stains and also safeguards against any sensitivity to the whitening gel. Which brings us to…

3. Teeth Whitening

– we have several options to choose from, ranging from over-the-counter choices such as whitening toothpaste or strips to at-home whitening with bespoke trays.

4. Porcelain Veneers

– when you see those television makeover shows, where they give someone an instant ‘Hollywood’ smile, chances are they’ve given them veneers. Often likened to false fingernails for your teeth, porcelain veneers can cover a multitude of minor imperfections, such as cracks, stains, gaps and misalignment. Because they fit on the fronts of your teeth, with minimal preparation required, they are often an effective way to makeover your smile for the holidays and beyond!

5. Anti-Ageing Treatments

– refreshing your look can be as easy as popping in on your lunch hour. Our botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments are straightforward and quick to carry out, requiring little to no downtime, making them ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a quick yet subtle lift that will have everyone remarking how well you look, without guessing why.

With our professional range of quick cosmetic dental and facial aesthetic treatments at The Dental Surgery and Refresh My Smile, we are your one-stop-shop for last-minute Christmas preparation. And if you know someone else who’s feeling anxious about the social season, why not be a good friend and share this with them too?