Mouth Cancer Awareness

Mouth cancer is one of the UK’s fastest increasing cancers, with cases of oral cancer in the UK up by more than 50% in the last decade alone.  While many cases are linked to lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, poor diet and sexual activity, it is important to remember that mouth cancer could affect anybody.

Every dental and hygiene consultation commences with an extra-oral and intra-oral examination, evaluated in conjunction with your medical history and lifestyle, to determine whether you are at risk of mouth cancer.  To see oral mucosal abnormalities that might otherwise have been overlooked, our practice is one of the few practices in the UK that use the VELscope system, a wireless, handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence visualisation which takes just a few minutes to use and is non-invasive. (Read more on why we use this revolutionary technology here).


The VELscope offers hope for the early discovery of oral disease, including pre-cancer and cancer.

As it stands, mouth cancer kills more people every year than both testicular and cervical cancer combined.  Sadly, this is largely due to too many patients being diagnosed at a late stage.  Early detection results in a survival outcome of 90%, but delayed diagnosis means survival rates plummet to as little as 50%.

If in doubt, why not see us and get checked out?

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